Our corporate objective is to deliver long-term value to shareholders through the exploration and development of critical rare earth element properties in Canada.

Focus and Strategy

Search Minerals’ focus is on exploration and development of the Port Hope Simpson Critical Rare Earth Element District in Southeastern Labrador, Canada. This District is road accessible, on tidewater and contains economic quantities of those elements that are in short supply and considered strategic or critical due to their use in green economy technologies. Based on these attributes, the Company’s intends to become a competitive, low-cost, environmentally responsible supplier of Critical Rare Earth Elements (CREE) to the global marketplace.

To accomplish this Search will leverage its scalable breakthrough Direct Extraction Metallurgical Process (patent pending) and its highly accessible district-scale resources in SE Labrador to attract two important strategic partners; an investor to finance the bankable feasibility study for development of its FOXTROT Resource and an offtake partner whose long-term commitments will provide the stable income necessary to to access capital financing for projects of this size.

Search believes that success in securing strategic partners is linked to completing pilot testing of its proprietary Direct Extraction Metallurgical Process which is ongoing and scheduled to be completed by the end of February 2017. With the proceeds from its first development, Search will accelerate its exploration cycle in the District and bring other deposits into production achieving operational economies and increasing shareholder value.